not art… but YAH! thrifting fun

woah. just discovered this today… salvation army site has coupons. and this was my personal favorite!!

(click on the coupon and choose the one that fits you best. there are 10 to choose from)

oooh and on the note of recycling clothing.. my good friend over at Impact Movement Studios has arranged a massive, giant clothing swap.

June 22nd 2-5pm. Must bring clothing for swaping to participate.

Basically we all choose numbers, and take our turns picking through the piles and piles…and piles of clothing. Bring a suitcase, a garbage can… a uhaul… and like everything else she has the event setup in facebook… to make it easier to invite your friends all your friends, with the best clothing. its nicer than saying “are you done with that blue shirt… because i WAAANT it!?”


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