almost time for another show

Im pretty much really excited about this months show (MAY 25th @ Continental Club in Cambridge)

We have all new artists bringing all new products.

Elphame Jewels with vintage parts added modern designs

Loscann gathers unloved mens ties, and converts them into wonderful little pouches

FaniSong has created a line of eco pendants

and a BIG welcome to sweetiepiepress and misanthrope specialty co.’s unflattering portraits which i just LOVE

and What Sew Ever’s funky printed wallets and pouches

okay highfive to all the artists. see a list of other artists at reclaimedcraft

It was a big decision for us… to run one show per month, but i see it as after 6 months there is a good chance that most of the city will have been to a show, and experienced the talent kitchener can offer… and that the artists are learning from the experience too. already i see changes, with talk of new business cards, tags, websites popping up… and a few have expanded into more environmentally friendly products. keep at it. An independent business IS a constant work in progress. if you stop improving yourself, you stop growing. (i dont know who said that. someone famous.. not me)

on that note, i thought i would share some tag + business card ideas… inspiration.

this one is super funny, and far from a serious card. definately fits in with a recycled artist

so fun!! and if someone puts in their wallet or change purse, they will constantly be reminded of YOU

while this artist is using many layers on one card, i thought it was many cards. which i personally love.

use your favorite designs, sketches, sayings or similar graphics.his contact info is in the upper right corner and side.

…can make from reused playing cards??? need a really good glue. ooh or a custom cut sticker!

not a business card (at least i dont thing so) but a cool idea that the front is catchy, with a totally random thought, quote or doodle. after all we are artists… i found at this site which has amazing advice for struggling artists. struggling with the what, why and hows of making a living doing what you love.

a business card pool in flickr

and just a few more…

and a photo card i love

NOW… the designers that can get it done for you 🙂

i just love pixelbypixel‘s design style. get 50 earring cards for $10! or

a banner and FREE avatar for $10

and i also love all the round cards + stickers from maxandbella

and so many designs from Sweet Papery i cant choose just one for an example. She makes rubber stamps for $15-35, including custom designs and card or stickers for all occasions.

and of course flickr’s Moo cards are very personalized

When thinking of your brand image (which is rather important to help the customer understand your style and product design) think of WHY you do what you do, and HOW it makes you FEEL. rough and tough… stong, determined, unbreakable! …or soft and floaty… feminine, dancing pink lilies in the wind? finding this is difficult, but it will help you decide on the FEEL of your marketing. and dont be afraid to try a few. i definately did. and … every 6 months i change it a again (later tonight i will upload my progress of business cards… for all my business adventures)

There is a trend for simplicity right now, but only go that way if it properly describes your art.

something graphic is best. something to catch the eye and become a favorite… even though your art may be amazing. you want your card to be equally memorable. and cards people love get passed onto friends, or hang in plain site for others to see. that helps too!

…and totally off topic

i am often inspired to make other projects when flipping through etsy or flickr. and by other i mean i see this…

from dandeedesigns.

i loved the paper decoration. ontop of the clothes pin… then i realized this is apparently a giant clothespin. and here is where the idea turns. i have a thousand left over from christmas crafts. i wonder how difficult (and time consuming to the point im going to glue my hands to the floor) this would be to glue my contact info, and use as a hangtag of some sort. i will definately be doing some fiddleing with the clothespins tonight as well:)


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