recycled findings

This weekend was ablast. We had so much fun with our recycled robots station, and the kids had a good time too.

I noticed the kids would run from station to station, rotating though the upper level a number of times, thus creating an armload of projects to carry home. wish i had a pic but one little guy was carrying 6 pots of freshly planted seeds. Thats some eager planting!

As we are recovering from this weekends’ excitement, and waiting for the images to upload through my dialup at home… i thought i would share some interesting recycled things i have found, while surfing the highspeed internet, at the day job 🙂

thats not all… but i have to get some real work done.

Note to all those artists out there, keepin up with our shop blog…. first off thanks! secondly, there may be a change of venue for the may show, as this past weekend… they were the victims of a fire. they suspect a vandal, and basically all events are on HOLD til things are sorted. oh dear, oh my.

Police investigate arson cases in Cambridge
Updated Mon. Apr. 21 2008 1:14 PM ET

Four fires in Cambridge Sunday morning have Waterloo Regional Police searching for arsonists. The fires were reported around 5 o’clock in the Cowan Boulevard area. One of them damaged the city-owned Ferguson Homestead, which dates back to the 1850s. Damage is estimated at over $50,000. Another fire destroyed a shed and three other fires were set in nearby dumpsters. All this came after two dumpster fires in the same area on Saturday afternoon.

but do not fret… we will not give up on “One Craft Show Per Month”…its like a personal challenge, and we are only at month #2. stay tuned for details on how the community center is recovering, and for a definate answer on the may show location. (we are also looking for a way to help them recover as they have lost all of their supplies and toys)


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