paper bag

whew i love flickr. i noticed someone added our blooms to their blog, and followed their flickr projects… and found this fabulous idea!! glitter&glue says its a work in progress… but i love it.

i have secretly been thinking about a way to make a bag from magazine pages, with as much reusable materials as possible. but have yet to try. perhaps i might. (got the idea from here)


3 responses to “paper bag

  1. Oooh magazine pages are a great idea! You have to line the newsprint with something, bc otherwise you get black rubibing off onto your goods inside the bag!

  2. Right, i think i read that on yours, and on weezi’s bag. i wondered about using that thick clear masking tape over one side of page, then sewing like normal fabric…. but thats a lot of tape 🙂

  3. that is fantastic. Did you put the plastic bag inside too?

    I have an addiction to new and unique handbags… and with this idea you could definitely keep coming up with designs and ideas with minimal costs 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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