earth day

so the Bloomin Earth event is looking like a big HUGE day of fun. pray for sun and little wind.

educating + inspiring fun fun day

personally i am way excited about the trashion show… super talented vendors transforming items normally sent to the trash, to fill up a landfil… transformed into beautiful works of art, classy enough to wear. i feel i am new to the environmental struggle when i read that the University of Minnesota has discovered a bacteria that can help convert waste products into energy.

“These finding opens up multiple possibilities for innovations in renewable energy and environmental clean-up…. In nature, bacteria such as Shewanella need to access and dissolve metals such as iron. Having the ability to direct electrons to metals allows them to change their chemistry and availability….The process could be reversed to prevent corrosion of iron and other metals on ships…. bacteria could generate enough electricity to clean up wastewater or power remote sensors on the ocean floor.” University of Minnesota. Key For Converting Waste To Electricity Discovered.” ScienceDaily 4 March 2008. 9 April 2008 .

another company takes actual trash and converts it to fuel.

“… they heat the [waste] material at a very high temperature (400� to 950�C) for a very short period of time (0.5 seconds) … heating process “cracks” the chemical bonds, creating a liquid bio-oil, which, when cooled rapidly (so as to prevent further chemical reactions), preserves the chemical composition of the bio-oil…it produces no waste stream, is completely non-polluting, and the feedstock can consist of materials slated for the garbage dump such as wood waste, cardboard … and all kinds of petroleum products. the company has three operational plants with six more in the design or construction stage in various countries including Canada.” not a 691 at all. Local Company Turns Waste into Energy, Christine Taylor

So, not only do we have to make the effort to place the plastic bottles in their apprpriate recycling containers, but we have to support their bi-products. why organize for recycling if you are not going to purchase items mande from those materials and “close the cycle” as this Finnish company says. They have a wonderful brick shop with tons of redesigned trash…

saftey tie

qwerty hairband


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