making things happen

I know its not the new shop but …imadeit has been working hard with the City of Kitchener, for a huge city wide festival called

Bloomin’ Earth(poster)


The outcome i envision is all types of people (excuse the stereotypes) hippies, yuppies and workaholics … low income and high income… all coming together for a common purpose. Something helpful and healthy and proactive… oh! something like earth day.

The earth is a bigger than all our pety life issues combined. Its not going to matter that your car is better than my car if we cant breathe the air around us. It wont matter what level of education you have if our children all have to play in the same trash covered playgrounds.

The earth should be number one for everyone.

So, imadeit met with some friends, with pretty great environmental organizations, and created this annual “Bloomin Earth” Eco-Fair. There is so much to see, so much to do that my brain can hardly contain my excitement!!


imadeit is directly involved in…

and of course our artists….

If you dont know already the Reclaimed Craft Shows occur once a month, in different locations across city to draw interest from all communities. Following shows: May 24-25 at Heritage House in Cambridge, June potentially at Unity Church in Kitchener

The Eco-art fair also includes

“switch it + stitch it” sewing, “natural painting”, and “altered books” workshops,

environmental discussion groups and

community demonstration booths.


There may still be time if you have something to offer.

if you want to be a vendor or create an outfit for trashion show, contact: megan ( or carey (

if you have an activity, workshop or demonstration, contact: brian (

volunteers to help the event run smoothly are always welcome (contact


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