save water idea

While reading through these ideas for reusing everyday materials i had a brilliant idea!! I dont have pictures to use to explain, but i will try my best to recreate the picture in my head.

the main idea: save rainwater

personal issue with current methods: the great big huge ugly rainbarrels are a safty hazard to have around your children and small animals. if anyone falls in … you know. and the stench of sitting water not to mention the bugs that nest on that water.

stinky. dangerous. bug breeding ground.

my idea: cut just the bottom off 1 litre pop bottles (or use a wine bottle–much fancier, but also much harder to do) leave the caps screwed on if plastic, or cork it. dont use the metal as i assume its not good to be burried in the ground. shucks theres the next step… invert the bottle with the open end up, and bury neck into garden. if you bury it deep enough the neck should help hold the bottle upright.

this end will be inserted into the ground (not a pot)

why: these bottles will catch the rain water allowing the water to be used to water the garden on hot days. Smaller amount of water means it will be emptied more often thus minimal bug breeding

and … this is the fun one… if you use coloured wine bottles, think of how beautiful they will be (sans the label) when they catch the rays of the sun. Place along the edge of a walkway or scatter throughout the garden.

i wonder if you could insert a tealight (in the glass bottles) at night for some extra fancy lighting?? Oh wow… i am way to excited to try this! come-on snow…melt already!!


One response to “save water idea

  1. We have a rain barrel in our backyard and it came with a big square of mesh stuff that you attach over the top with a huge rubber band! The holes let water get in but keep bugs out! If we hadn’t already bought the barrel, tho, I would totally try out your bottle idea! I love that it takes something that would have gone into the recycle bin and gives it a new life!

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