recycling, a vintage idea

i guess its all those antique shops i was dragged into as a child, but i definately have a longing for olden times, and everything that goes along with them. Do it yourself, barter system, lack of electronic gadgets …although truthfully i cant live without my cell phone.

While searching for a good strong image for our collection of shows, i came across these vintage marketing items, used to enforce some personal habits.


The posters are slightly humourous, but why did we ever stop doing those things. Who decided “lets spend all our money on brand new shiny things, and make it very very socially acceptabe”…? Well i protest. i refuse. to a certain extent of course 🙂

As a parent I feel we should be teaching our children to be kind to everything, and of course what will happen if we are not. kind to animals or they will bite, kind to people or they will be mean in return, kind to the environment or someday it might be gone. Okay so i am still working on the wording for the ‘lessons’ as they are a little harsh to present to a 5yr old. But the idea should encompass all. We are creating the bext generation, and hopefully they will be more environmentally concious than we are.

in my online adventures today, i found some recycled products, and just plain interesting and inspiring stories.

uniquECO a wonderful story of people making a difference for all the right reasons, and such a unique way of recycling . You can shop for their goods here on MADE

a wonderful list of recycled activites and crafts over here, and some hardware bit art here

from syncopation

made from recycled calling cards from Touch



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