a sneak peek…

The beginning of all the craft shows is a sure sign of spring, even if the snow banks are still over my head. The Reuse+Reclaim+Recycle Craft Show is this weekend (march 22nd, 11am-4pm) and it sounds like all our vendors are ready… and just as eager as i am.

I personally have been sewing like mad, into the wee hours of the morning, and still dont feel like im ready. *sigh* oh the mentality of an artist, never confident enough. but i have supreme confidence in EVERYone else!! We have found amazing talent, and know this will be an amazing show.

…and what to do with the kiddies, you ask?? my life just wouldnt be complete with out a crafty activity during the day, so i thought, why not get everyone involved. I will have a jumbo craft table and sinful beauty has setup a face painting corner for the kids, so you will be free to wander …and shop!

Imadeit is into a lot of different things lately, all to bring out the artists hiding in the corners, afraid to say “hey i made that!” We have added some tabs to the top of the page to include all of our shows and activities.


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