second time around!!

We are makin it happen again. Rogers Daytime that is…. on March 20th at 11am… will be on Daytime with

Susan Cook-Scheerer and Terry Barna
We will be talking about the Reuse+Reclaim+Recycle Craft Shows, and letting you in on the where and why’s everyone should know. See Carey of Sinful Beauty and her masterful painting techniques, along with some of my very own recycled accessories and dolls. (been a long time coming but its about time i take ownership of my crafting too) So there i said it. SWEET and Sinful beauty on Daytime! March 20th.
More artists will be joining us on March 22nd for the first of many Recycled craft shows.
Hope to see YOU there too!!
(hey… anyone have the ability to record the show for us…p-p-p-please??)

One response to “second time around!!

  1. Nice! I hope someone records it too so i can see it (these are the moments it sucks to not have tv. )
    Break a leg!

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