BIG things are happening!!

Some may say every bad event is followed by some good. or maybe that was just me..? so our bad news is this location of the imadeit shop will be closing Saturday February 23rd. Truthfully, there were too many issues with the property itself, and i felt it was unsafe to be used as a school for children.


We are not giving up on anything yet!!

We have formed a committee of dedicated artists and environmentally savvy friends, and after breaking out into song and dance over the idea…

we created…


Once a month we have our show in a cool venue around the tri-cities. You will find many of the same artists from within THE imadeit SHOP, plus many more. And of course i wouldnt be able to function if i didnt bring along the crafting activities for the kids. They will use 100% recycled materials, and learn how easy it is to be creative with the simplest of supplies, most found around the house. Hey, maybe even the grown-ups will get an idea or two 🙂

First show is…

MARCH 22nd


141 Whitney Place, Globe Studios

Kitchener, on

The show itself is free. The kids crafting we ask that you make a donation of your choice to help keep the basics like glue, scissors and markers in supply.

see all the details and a sneak peak of the artists at reclaimedcraft. We also have space for a few more vendors if you are interested. The deadline is March 7th for applications and table fee.

About this website…

i am addicted to blogging, although it may not have seemed so lately. so i think i will keep this particular part of the site updated with the awesome crafts and websites i find, and the newsletter will share all the events and happenings around the city that imadeit and the artists are involved in.  So dont fret. You cant turn off the craftiness in me… or my urge to talk about it


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