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As some of you may have noticed the shop wasnt open last monday or tuesday. The reason is… my brother got a job. Yah my full time, always there, backup guy needed to get paid. sigh. so for this week as well, the shop will not be open on Monday or Tuesday. BUT.. to counter that i have some exciting news about a new idea we have

Most of my dreams are rather large, and dont always reach reality. I mean that they arent usually realistic in the fact that i ignore what is actually happening around me, and trust in the faith of people…. this time its the fact that i figured by giving kitchener a quality handmade market that they would just flock to it, overwhelming me and my staff. No. Not so much. so… i am altering my plan, and going to them.

with the…


Arts from 75% reclaimed, recycled materials,

trash to treasure craft activities

and a junk trade table!!

we are taking all the artists we can find, plus some teachers and setting up shop in an empty community center, for one day… every month. This will allow us to create a buzz of handmade excitement all over the city and reel in all those potential shoppers… its publicity and sales!

this also allows those of you that cant commit to one full month of selling goods to get your name out there!! you must. i have seen a lot of your works and every one of you is fabulously talented. or maybe my heart is just to big….

Event dates so far:

March 15th

April 26th

May 24 …this one could be a two day, two venue event.


$25 for 6ft table

… email me if you are interested in being a vendor or teacher. We are also gathering committee member to help make this run smoothly, and on a regular basis.


One response to “News + fun stuff

  1. Sounds like a fantastic idea! I’d love to join in!

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