recyclables + you

If you are eager to start your spring cleaning (i always do it just after christmas, while looking for a new home for our new things) we just wanted to remind you that we are always looking for recyclable and reusable items. We use them in our art lessons or donate them to the artists in the handmade market. We have updated our donation section of the site to include all the random little things we need.
things like…

Home Repair Items like paint, scrap wood, broken tools (not power tools although the internal mechanics would be great)

Lonely Hardware Items like broken tools, old hinges, lonely drawer pulls, keys

Other… broken toys, glue, paper, magazines, old hardcover books, boxes or tins

Thanks to everyone that has already donated… and high five to anyone that can think of a way to store mass amounts of recycled materials. I was considering large garbage cans, but … we are an art center. I think we can do something much much more interesting….

Try these recycled fun things at your home.

denim rose from

mirror sun catcher from

For this one i would add more peices to one tin lid, and include things like a groups of shiny beads on a string hanging lower in the center. Or even tiny glass beads on all teh strings that attatch the mirror to the lid. WOW. do i ever need to try this one at home tonight!


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