Valentine Goodies

New Designs, For Valentines….

From Michelle Hambourg @ My Belle Bijoux
Valentines is probably my favorite holiday of the year, and not just because my entire colour sceme at my house is pink and red, and not because that happens to be the colours that also dominate my closet. But because its a holiday of love. Christmas gift giving is different… i feel gifts are given out of obligation, “oh look honey, we will have to get them something great next year, to compete with this.” and … “look how much sally spent”… yeuch. But Valentines is giving to show you love and care….
and really what better way than with heart shaped lovelies from our shop.

…Red Red Red…

Hey you can even take a class and create the lovelies YOURSELF! woah the wonders.
Kids Can Sew… SAT Feb 2-23, 12-1pm. 6 classes.  $60
Imaginative Kids (drawing discovery)… FRI Jan 25-Feb 29, 4:30-5:30pm. 6 classes. $60
Recycled Clothing… THURS Feb 7-28, 4-5:30pm. 4 classes. $60
Stamp-a-Stack of Valentines… THURS+FRI’s, 1-2pm. $10
Scrapbooking Layouts… FRI’s 6-7pm. $10
Plaster Sculpting… THURS Jan 17-Feb 14, 6-7pm. 6 classes. $60
Intro to Beading… SAT 2:30-4:30pm. $20
Bead Making… SAT 5-7pm. $20
all require a small supply kit, no more than $5.
tata for now!

One response to “Valentine Goodies

  1. cool classes! cool shop too. you sent me an invite (so to speak) on flickr. I’m going to look into it. In the meantime, I’d like to add your shop info to the Trans Canada Etsy Team list of consignment shops. Yes?

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