toys + kids

I am a heavy shopper not jsut around christmas. That means i have a house FULL of unused or barely used toys. I have tried putting them away but really there is only so much room in one house. Stop shopping, you say? Hum. I have tried. So when all else fails … pass the toys along.

I have finally found a toy drive that will accept both new and USED toys. A great person i stumbled upon in facebook is gathering toys for his FOURTH year.

“Every year [he does] a Toy Drive for all the little kiddies in the K-W area, this will be the 4th yr.! Last yr we gathered over 400 toys from my clients and friends. In conjuntion with Stray Kats Tattoos every year has gotting bigger and bigger. “

Imadeit is overjoyed to help him gather the lost and pre-loved toys that are gathering dust in our homes, and pass them along to new hearts.

Drop into the shop with your clean and non-broken, used toys.

Deadline is DECEMBER 15TH….  

One request, if you are donating stuffed animals please have them in like new condition, so no sticky spots or rough looking fur.


One response to “toys + kids

  1. I love that they are taking preloved toys as well. If I can sneak a few dozen of the kids toys away from them I’m definitely bringing them in.

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