new class!!

We just posted an new and exciting class!!

Stamp-a-Stack Christmas Cards… Love the look of handmade cards? But who has the time? Don’t think you have the skills to make your own cards? Come sit around the table and see how easy it really is. We will make 10 cards in total along with envelopes. We will make 5 designs (2 of each) of glorious christmas cards to send to your loved ones. No experience needed as Ruth will lead you in the makin of each card, and provide all the materials. this class will be offered twice a month and be based on an upcoming holiday or season. ONLY $20

So exciting.. but that also means its time to get into the christmas gift shopping mood. ewe.  I think i am going to develop some “fake snow” bits… and sprinkle them all over my lawn, and roof. and car. YES by family would love that and totally be proud of me. ha. guess you know by now i am big on snow and the ‘look’ of the season.

OOh this also means its time for our designers to bring out the winter apparel and warm quilted blankets.  That i love. Now i’m PUMPed!! (just for you

have to run and whip up some winter wear myself!


(uhm that was really fun to say… try it)


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