slow to upload

Apparently i have been slacking on posting in here. So some quick updates…..

Two weeks ago:

a friend came to visit during saturday morning ART’CETERA classes… and stayed all day.

there were crafts for the kids, silly faces, some playing with toys, and crafts for the mommies. all in all…. a super busy day and we were exhausted by 3pm.


This past Thursday we had pumkin carving + cupcake eating during ART’TEA


That Friday we made halloween bats and pumpkins, but i was having sooo much fun i forgot to take pictures.

Saturday ART’CETERA was all about clay creatures.

PICT5417 PICT5412

Golly i love this stuff.. and so did the kids. they are in the window drying now if you take a peek in the studio.

The site itself had a bit of a tweek over the weekend, and we are just uploading the images from each artist. hope you come back a lil later to check that out.

So much to update, and talk about, and see… soo little time.


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