Saturday Morning…

i struggled with a name for the saturday morning art class.. something that included different activities, different materials… and something fun to say. i knew it would come to me in time. finally this morning it did. saturday morning drop in will now be called Art’cetera. (i think i have a thing for compounded words, eh?)

So this past saturday, my first students, holly and noah, came in close to lunch. they caught me off gaurd because i assumed it would be another slow day looking at the few people on the street, and the rising humidity. they were patient while i excitedly gathered all the supplies, and then hesitant while i explained the gluey-sticky-messy process of paper mache. it didnt take long for holly to be right into it. later noah admitted that he would rather be breakdancing. (wish i was fast enought to have the camera out for that) my next student was a tiny little miss. she was adorable, and i forget that my lil girl used to be little and softspoken like that. no i think my daughter was always loud 🙂 …i decided paper mache WAS a little too messy for a 15 min craft, so we used giant pasta shells to make necklaces. after that the kids came streaming in, i lost the ability to keep track of the names and activities after that. my daughter didnt even have time to ask me to go find her another friend to make some crafts with. thankyou to all those old friends that came into the shop (i cant believe almost everyone i know has kids too) and hope to see you again.

due to the interest in this craft day, next weekend we hope to have more than one activity at a time

...and blinds on the windows.


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