a PE day is clearly my fav

this coming friday is a public school PE day i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to ensure everyone in town had the coolest halloween decorations. and i am talking creepy drippy scary… yet totally unique decorations. so this FRIDAY we have added some extra fun halloween classes and some extra kiddie classes too.

Friday October 5th SPECIAL PE DAY classes…

11-12pm ART’TEA …since the schools are technically closed today, our teachers have more time to donate to cutting and pasting. so we have added *two additional art’tea classes for this day, based on thanksgiving and halloween themes….1-4yrs. $5

12-2pm Scary monster masks… using a basic face form and paper mache, students will create face masks with monster like features such as real bolts, straw hair and ooogling eyes…. age 5-12yrs. $20

12:30-1:30pm Art’tea …age 1-4 yrs. $5

*2-3pm Art’tea …age 1-4yrs. $5

3-5pm Creepy Halloween Graveyard… who doesnt want creepy gravestones, and bones in their front yard on halloween? Bring empty cereal boxes to alter into aged gravestones, or create from scratch hands and feet that will be climbing out of the dirt. (using paper mache)…age 5-12yrs $20

*3:30-4:30pm Art’tea… age 1-4yrs. $5

5-7pm For Kids by Kids… creative story writers will help you write and publish your very own story, complete with illustrations and a special framing technique…5-12yrs. $20


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