off topic

while searching for a cool idea to draw attention to our tiny little doorway… i found this. the coolest outdoor kiosk EVER!!

Information Kiosks: Fashion District, NYC

Kiosk.jpgLocated in the heart of The Fashion Center business district, the octagonal Kiosk was designed by Pentagram Architectural Services and was awarded the 1995 Art Commission Award for Public Architecture. This unique Claes Oldenburg inspired structure incorporates the world’s largest button appended to the structures roof, held upright by a 31-foot-long steel needle.

The Kiosk is the first all-inclusive, central information resource center serving sourcing information to national and international fashion professionals including press, stylists, photographers, designers, buyers, manufacturers, trading companies, ect. in need of information and other industry related resources, services and events.

I want a giant button on my door.. or on the roof. hum. no i realize that wouldnt really work. i wish i could mosaic buttons onto the sidewalk infront of the shop. ooh looks like i am mosaic addicted.

we are looking into a hanging sign, but because the hair salon awning covers the full stretch of the building, we can only hang above it (but what would make people look up) or from it (which will probably bonk people on the head)

today i figure out how this works.


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