Grand Opening Sucess

Despite deciding to open on a long weekend, the whole thing was a big hit. We made our first sale within the first hour we were open!! and the crafting was a huge sucess too. we had the little ones entertained for quite some time (some would have stayed all day i think) in fact it went so well i am considering making saturday or sunday a free craft day, as long as we can continue getting free supplies from recycled items and junk around the house. in fact it might be fun to have a different art teacher run that lesson each week. that way theres a totally different activity and style… hum. what do you think??

As for the art, its all up and waiting to be purchased.  Each day we have new artists interested in this lil adventure and if you are an artist yourself, dont be shy.  We have the ability to make more room, especially for you.

Glad to see everyone that came into the shop!! thanks for the support even though it was a holiday weekend. and thanks to everyone that helped out with painting, and setting up the shop!


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