determination and dots

Things are coming along nicely. Faster would be even nicer but art is a process right? and this is a shop of art. so it works for me. We have almost all of the art in the shop now, and putting the final touch on the floors… wood conditioner. so it will look like it did when they first laid it sometime in the 20’s?? and the windows are coming this week. nothing like working right up to the last second though. now… we are searching the city for any type of grants that our little dream might fall under. and somehow (always unknown to the designer) our lil shop has caught the eye of some pretty big people. pretty exciting, and they should be at the grand opening party.

No money can stop a creative project. No resources can stop a creative project. No support can stop a creative project. Yes major things or forces can stop creativity. Yet when we look at the history of invention or in general the history of new ideas we can discover that these major forces truly do not stop the devoted, committed, dedicated creation person.

No money, resources, support did not stop:

Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Charles Goodyear,Harriet Tubman (underground railroad during the Civil War),Henry Ford,Chester Carlson (inventor of the Xerox process)

from Little Things Can Stop Creativity
By Robert Alan Black, Ph.D.

Now i am not saying i am Mother Teresa, shes not a lady that many compare to, and the imadeit shops dream of creating a better life for most through the passion of art is not going to save the world. i am not quite at that level of planning yet.. but if these people can make things happen without money; each day they keep pluggin away without losing hope, then i can too. Today i am cutting out circles. Yes thats a big feat of power and strength. but i am talkin like 1000 dots here. i am surrounded by dots of all colours and patterns, for the big PolkaDOT Kids Party this saturday! wow. this saturday. guess i dont have to tell you that i didnt sleep lastnight.

okay. back to the dots. i will post some pics of the shop a lil later. our next step is to renovate this place…. ooooh.


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