attention to the door

I have a wonderful friend who is a fabulous and fun cartoonist.


and she is the artist behind our new ‘opening soon’ sign.

i didnt just want toput up a brown sheet of paper over the window to indicate some renovations. this is an art center… where creativity is born (ooh thats good!) it had to be something creative, yet fun. because who can take a hot lime green door seriously anyways.

SO… high five, and hugs to Steph Lee for my door sign!!

More painting on the inside, more construction to increase the space for artists…. and more artists and teachers have signed up.

We potentially have an abstract painting class, a plaster casting class and my fingers are crossed for a cartoon sketching class.



















…and oh golly, looks like i forgot about the fact that glass reflects, and thankfully i am not doing something really stupid in order to take this shot. once our windows are in (soon…grrrr…) i will have to take some street shots.




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