Mosaic Practice

I have been putting off the most detailed part of the shop renovations, simply because … fine.  i have no reason. all the big work was done, all the garbage was on its way out, and it was a rainy day. we were all looking for something a little more relaxing to work on.  okay… mosaic time!

imadeit shopBee smashed the tiles (she loved that a little too much.  so did steve actually), i drew the words, and steve and i filled them in. the amount of concentration this task too really made us forget the frustration with the fact that the contractors are still MIA.

But now all that is left is to paint the walls, hang the curtains, and setup the furniture around the room… i am waa-ay to excited. its better than my birthday. its better than winning the lottery… its far better than those Yoplait commercials talking about how much better yoplait is …

i dont have much more to add. I’ve updated the class listing, in attempts to make it easier to read, and created one page all about the teachers we have. what do you think??

ta-ta for now.


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