i swear this is the last time we are extending the opening date. we have run into issues with contractors… and thus, the shop will not be ready by the first of august. but hey! this just gives us MORE time to plan the best ever grand opening party!! so mark SEPTEMBER 1ST on your calendars’.. and possibly the weekend following for the invite only grand opening party (email megan at[at]gmail[dot]com for you invitations)

In the meantime.. i bet your wondering what we’ve been up to.

here’s our little picture show



the yeuchy (how DO you spell that word?) floors BEFORE.


all brown with dirt, and splattered with paint…


after hours of sanding, and washing and sanding some more… by the hand of our mom. yeah mom’s!



reminder of the rainbow stairway before….



oh man. turnyour screen… to see the new and improved stairway!!


the door at the bottom is LIME green, and its the same colour on the street side. definately stands out from the rest!

fun game for you… does anyone remember what used to be up here? i know this is where biba boutique began, and that there used to be a tailor– something “buttons” … and a hair salon.. but does anyone have the dates that these shops were in here? and was biba the first business in this space? (and was it ever a cafe… like it says at the bottom of the stairs?)

personally i think it would be neat to have a historical timeline or something. or maybe just because i am fascinated with history. ha. whatever you have i would love to know!

as always … more photo to come.


One response to “SEPTEMBER 1st

  1. Hey Megan,

    It was a store called Random Acts of Beauty. Jayelle was the owner and I think it was around 1994 she opened. The store was open for a couple of years. The colourful stairway was from that store.

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