it’s beginning to feel a lot like… opening

the day is coming.. and coming fast. we plan to open the doors on august 1st, and have even bigger plans to celebrate the opening with the whole city on august 4th. i know its civic holiday, and i know people usually go to the beach or the cottage or just get out of town… but this is going to be a huge party. who wouldnt want to stick around for that??

we are going to have fun free kids crafts and games all day, with prizes for bringing in recyclables. In the evening the grownups can come back (for a small cover) to enjoy the atmosphere created by an indie pop band… right in the shop.

should be fan-tastic! i just cant wait… and it seems that when you have such an exciting goal ahead of you that every task takes sooo looong. we recently painted over the rainbow striping in the main hallway. phew. that definately took forever. but the brown and green look amazing!

now we can say “its the green door” and no one will be confused as to where we are.


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