grr… plumbers

so i had every good reason to hesitate on getting all jumpy-excited about the new space.

*sigh* we had the plumber in today. yes he can fix everything, and he is even installing our own water heater.. and extra wash up sinks so we dont much up the bathroom sinks with the paints….. but……. it will take him 20 DAYS. what?! now i feel silly for telling everyone we were so close. and now i KNOW the ‘jinx’ bug is totally watching me closely.

well. now what? oh i know… pictures…..



the wonderfully COLOURful stairway into the place.. steve at the bottom sweeping 20 yrs of dust off the walls… and the lil dust fairies floating about infront of the camera



the rainbow wall on the left is from the hallway.. it will be the main door into the shop. this back corner will be fitting rooms, and the cafe area.. perfect for the lime green couch we found. oh shes a b’ute.


 standing back a lil further.. see the rainbow hall on the left? on the right is the wall i personally helped knock down (how proud am i, eh??)


  me attempting to take a wall down. i did it.. but next time no sandals for the job.


yah uhm. i am short. and that lower section is as high as i can reach …with a steel head mallot.



lots of tools indicate lots of working… ha.  at the back is another bathroom (that is being replaced)

and the space where the wall i broke down used to be.




the second wall…


no wall… i left steve alone for like 2 hours.


 same wall, different corner. this will be the adult classroom…


steve, in the door way he created. (it was kinda already there.. but he broke through the drywall and steel frame to open it back up again)



in the adult classroom now.. and its a huge room with with brick walls covered in two inches of plaster!  after chipping some of it away, we ripped up the carpet.. no .. i ripped up the carpet.

and now that we have the time we will refinish the hardwood floor we discovered below.


oh what a mess.. but this is the wall (in the adult room) that i want to have a graffitti artist paint.. with something like artists working, painting, sewing… you know. this window looks onto ontario st. and to the left.. that door way leads to a lil kitchen and what will become the kids art room.


more construction in the cafe corner


discovery under the wall “random acts of beauty” shows that beauty is definately in the eyes of.. he who says that, on a dirty musty burlap covered wall.


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