exciting times

I am way to eager to share this with you. i have been over and over things that could go wrong… things that the jinx bug could ruin. and i have come up nothing that could ruin this for us. the landlord is in there now, putting in new bathrooms and windows. so its ours baby!! and these are the best pictures i have so far.

our location… our secret location. (kitty corner from the td bank, on the corner of king and ontario)

all i can do at this point is SHOW you where we will be…. from above… i know. the first time we looked at the unit, we were trying to restrain our excitement. so many places have failed us that we figured if we remain la-de-da about this one.. perhaps it will finally make it. call me silly. but it worked. or maybe it was fate. or something. basically it means we didnt take photos of this incredible space. i can draw one…. but my talent is sewing. not drawing. so that may not be the best plan. if you can be patient… and just believe me that you will love it…

we get the keys on july 1st.. happy canada day to us. then can take all the photos we want as we paint some scattered turwuoise and lime green dots on the walls, sand the hardwood floors, put in some spot lighting, hang copper pipes from teh ceiling for the clothing racks, put together the bookcases we have stacked in steves living room… paint some more…

then… we can open the fabulous lime green imadeit shop door and let you come into the wonderful home, we have created, for art and artists in and around kitchener waterloo. some from toronto too. oh yah. we’re big time now baby!


2 responses to “exciting times

  1. Hey Megs…
    I’ve been following your site.
    CONGRATS Girl!!! It looks awesome.
    What a great way to showcase artists. They’re so lucky to have something like this in their own backyard. Go Canadian artists GO!
    If I’m ever out that way I’ll make sure to pop in to say hello.
    All the very best to you in your new endeavor.


  2. Hey Meagan,

    Congrats on the space! It was a wonderful shop in the mid-nineties, and I do believe it was called Random acts of Beauty. Jayelle was the owner.

    Best of luck with your renovations.


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