talk about the jinx-y bug

EVERY time i post the location, or tell someone, or email it and get super excited… something silly happens.  through no fault of our own we discovered that the zoning for the last building doesnt meet the requirements for the zone it currently sits in. its like two parking spots too short of a retail shop… in fact for any commercial operation. which is what its currently zoned as. so it cant be used as anything. see the confusion. and the landlord is in a legal situation, where he is not even allowed to be leasing or selling it for that matter. thanks mister. get my hopes up so high.

just to make you all feel a little better… each location IS 10 times better than the last. so we are at location number four…. and i am NOT  going to talk about it at all. just believe me that its beautiful. she needs a lot of work on the inside, but i am 100% sure that it was used for some kinda artsy retail shop in the 70’s …theres a hint.

because of the interior work (taking a wall out, sanding and refinishing floors) we are looking at opening possibly the second week of july. which gives you, as the artists, so much more time to enjoy canada day!!

keep watching. hope to have pictures of the ‘secret’ location soon


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