A new shop.. again

The facebook group is now GLOBAL!! yah US! and bigger than it was before. Thanks to all friends and family that joined up with us.

So other than sewing my butt off, to get my own stuff in the shop, i was checking out the blog stats and i am so excited with the popularity

as of JUNE 20th—
Total Views: 2,423
Best Day Ever: 378 Friday June 14th
Views today: 153 (thats as of 3pm June 20th)

Biggest news: we found a beautiful lil spot on king st, kitchener, across from Rockway Gardens. I dont want to jinx it, because it hasnt been finalized yet but here are some pics.

lil walk through….

up the sidewalk… p1010013.jpg p1010012.jpg

in the front doors and up the stairs p1010003.jpg

oh theres a big room that will be the store p1010004.jpg

turn around and wow what a stunning entrance to the adult class p1010001.jpg

back to the stairs and going down this time p1010011.jpg

oh how cute the kids classroom… p1010010.jpg

and a secret lil apartment above p1010006.jpg

or an office.. i dunno yet  p1010005.jpg

soon. soon soon.
We hope to open begining of JULY!! so i hope everyone is as ready as we are!!

we also plan to go to
Kidspark (http://www.kidspark.ca/) Aug 18th-19th and..
Waterloo Arts Festival (http://waterlooartsfestival.com/) Aug 10-12th
Let me know if you are intersted in volunteering to help with a kiddie craft.


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